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“The politics of ideology create bonds that are infinitely stronger than the politics of policy. Don’t let Republicans or Democrats fleece you into becoming another one of their ideologues. Be an individual. Think for yourself.”
-JJ Smith

Are you appalled with the way politicians are dividing Americans? Forcing them to choose between Liberal or Conservative? Red or Blue? Left or Right?

What if we had another choice?

5-Star Review: “Love this book! It really depicts the “ugly” that is occurring in our society because of political division and brings some uncomfortable truths out into the open. The writing style keeps the reader engaged and in suspense, excited to see what’s going to happen next.”

JJ Smith, the reluctant hero of the Infocrat party, fights for her life on the debate stage and on the run, battling to keep the Infocrat’s political movement alive.

Presidential candidates Senator Freeman of the Democratic Liberal Socialists and General Harrison of the Republican National Conservatives conspire to annihilate JJ Smith and her passionate supporters.

Merisol Bechase, Director of Homeland Security, is enlisted by the Republicans and Democrats. He is a willing participant knowing the collusion will further is ambitions.

Christine Goodman’s few remaining relationships have been destroyed by strife and bickering over rhetoric the liberal and conservative media ruthlessly promote.

Naval Master at Arms, Michael Macrae, must choose between loyalty to his ultra-conservative family and carrying out his sworn duty.

Maria Santana, a Mexican immigrant, struggles to balance her subservience and her free will, terrified of the consequences if she makes the wrong choices.

The characters’ lives collide unexpectedly, resulting in a cascade of unimaginable tragic events.

Only in these travesties will the ugly truths about the Republican and Democrat duopoly be unveiled.